Open Computing
Welcome to Open Computing.  We are a provider of computing services primarily based on open source software.  We use open source solutions whenever and where ever it is practical to do so.

Open source software is software that it is given to the public with the express permission that the public may alter and improve the software to suit their needs.  The source code, that is the blueprint for how the software is made, is available to anyone for the asking at no charge.

This stands in contrast to most commercial software which does not permit the public to alter their software. The end result of "closed source" software is that end-users usually pay dearly for software licenses, often on a per machine basis.  Moreover, vendors can choose at their own discretion to discontinue supporting a particular version of their product, often forcing users on an unwanted "upgrade" path which almost invariably occurs at the user's own expense.

Open source software changes the balance of power in favour of the user.  Having the software's source code, users themselves can decide when it is time to upgrade and what features should be added to the next version.

Examples of open source software include the famous Linux operating system and its descendant, Android, the Firefox web browser and the Open/Libre office suite to name a few.   Examples of companies that have built the foundations of their businesses on open source software include: Google, Yahoo!, eBay, YouTube, Facebook and Amazon.  Other large-scale users and providers of open source software include: IBM, Novell and Oracle.

Please join us in learning how to use open source software to establish your business or organization.